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Our First Lady


Dawn Hutton

















Lady Dawn loves the Lord with all her heart and is a woman of Integrity. She is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, an aunt and a friend.   To Second 
Baptist Church, she is truly a First Lady indeed. 


First Lady


Dawn Marie Hutton

Dawn Marie Hutton, is the First Lady of the Second Baptist Church of Mount Holly New Jersey, where she serves with her husband, Reverend, Dr. Timothy L Hutton Sr.  Together, they are also active community servant leaders known for their philanthropy and entrepreneurship in Burlington County. In addition to her role as devoted wife, her most cherished role is that of a mother to her children.

Dawn has been a lifelong resident of Burlington County. During her teenage years, she accepted Christ and committed herself to serving her church and her community. When she married Reverend Hutton, she was employed by the Burlington County Department of Corrections, but shortly after marriage she decided to resign her position to meet the needs of her newly growing family. Eventually, she and her husband decided to become foster parents.  They have fostered several children over the past twenty years and Dawn has received many accolades from the Division of Child Protection for the exceptional way she was able to love and care for the children under her supervision and care.  All the children thrived and became “her children”.  She is grateful God provided the opportunities for her to sow into their lives and enrich her own life by sharing her love with them.

While raising her family Dawn continued to serve alongside her husband in the role of First Lady to the congregations of Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church of Glassboro, NJ and currently, The Second Baptist Church of Mt. Holly, NJ.  She carries herself with grace and style. Her bright smile, her demeanor and her posture endears everyone to her.

Continuing her commitment to serve her community, Dawn M. Hutton, together with her husband, is the co-owner of the TL Hutton Family and Friends Funeral Services of Burlington NJ. She is the Chief Operating Officer of this family-owned business.  Through her work there she has continued to promote the welfare of others by providing generous financial donations and scholarships throughout the Burlington County Community.


Dawn Hutton is a woman of integrity. She is a strategic, forward thinking woman whose desire is to see others reach their potential and rise to serve their communities, which is why she is especially interested in helping young women to succeed. She encourages them to recognize their gifts and talents and to exercise grace in conquering their own challenges. As a faithful and loving wife, mother of eight children, eight grandchildren, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend, she remains humble in her service and steadfast in her commitment.


“When I look back over my life, I am in awe of the goodness of my God. When I look back at my past, my challenges, and my successes; the greatest earthly reward has been the relationships developed and the people I’ve had the opportunity to serve. “

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